About Us

Atlas International Enterprise Co.Ltd


Established in 1983, the early Atlas International Enterprise Co. mainly focused on dealing electronic parts and facilitating import/export and entrepot trades. By 1990, the company had also become a distributor of 3M industiral and pharmaceutical products.


In 1992, we became officially registered in Hong Kong as Atlas International Enterprise Co., Ltd. Our Hong Kong wholesale business flourished through development and collaborations with various brands.


By 2009, our business had expanded to Macau with the establishment of Altas Creation (Macau) Ltd. Our professional sales team committed to grow our business with the construction, hotel, and wholesale sectors. In 2011, our Macau office successfully acquired the name Atlas International Enterprise Co. Ltd. - the same name as our business in Hong Kong. 


Today's Atlas International Enterprise Co. Ltd. has deversified in its business and products. Our  main departments specialize in business development, import/export, industrial supply, and wholesale.


We develop stable and friendly partnerships with world-renowned brands and manufactures. With the rapid development of online medium, our future is to move with this trend and expand towards the e-commerce world.